Representatives of the Malopolska Region at the CEE Impact Day in Vienna

On 4 and 5 October the next edition of the “CEE Impact Day” event was held in Vienna. Investors, entrepreneurs, social activists, managers, representatives of institutions, NGOs and business from Central and Eastern Europe met for two days to join forces to shape the sustainable Europe that uses modern social solutions.

Representative of the Malopolska Region, presented the activities of the LIFE project and the problem of the poor air quality that many Central and Eastern European countries, including Poland, are struggling with in the “Climate Action: Accelerating Exponential Solutions” panel. The aim of the panel was to mobilize all participants to seek creative and innovative solutions to problems related to the air quality and progressive climate changes. During the joint session, its participants had the opportunity to find out what role the organization, investor or institution could take in order to take joint actions to protect the environment and prevent climate change.

Objectives of the CEE Impact Day

The purpose of the meeting is not only to raise awareness and knowledge among participants about the issues related to environmental protection and climate change in Central and Eastern Europe, but also to stimulate interaction by presenting specific projects and related environmental problems. Thanks to this, the participants of the meeting could actively participate in searching for the right solution and broaden their knowledge in the field of environmental problems and the speakers could get a fresh perspective on the problem and be provided with concrete, innovative solutions.

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