Success of Małopolska in the fight for clean air – 7 municipalities with local anti-smog resolutions!

The fight for clean air in Małopolska has been going on for many years. Pioneering measures such as the introduction of restrictions on burning coal and wood are welcomed by some, while for others they are a cause for criticism. Both the others breathe the same air, for the protection of which the local governments of Małopolska are fighting together.

Nowy Targ, Rabka-Zdrój, Czarny Dunajec, Skawina, Niepołomice, Krzeszowice and Oświęcim – these are the next communes, after Krakow, where the ban on using coal furnaces will come into force. On Monday, the councillors of the Małopolska Regional Assembly adopted local anti-smog resolutions for these communes.

It was the authorities of particular communes that asked the Voivodeship Executive Board to adopt resolutions in their areas. Also the voices of the inhabitants strongly supported the new solutions. The public consultations preceding the vote, which took place in July and August this year, contained almost two-thirds of positive comments.

Municipalities, which introduced the coal burning ban, assure that they will not leave their inhabitants without help. They offer support and subsidy programmes for the replacement of cookers from the Clean Air, Stop Smog programmes, as well as the assistance of advisors on climate and energy who help to fill in applications for subsidies for anti-smog measures.

The new legislation in each case contains three main points:


A ban on operation for new coal-fired boilers and heaters from 1 January 2022 and existing ones from 1 January 2030.


Tightening of requirements for newly installed biomass boilers and local space heaters (including fireplaces) from 1 January 2023.


Maintain consistency in terms of deadlines and requirements with the current anti-smog resolution for Małopolska, i.e:

    replacement of out-of-class boilers by the end of 2022,

    replacement of class 3 and 4 boilers by the end of 2026.

A good example for the rest!

Myślenice is yet another commune that wants to introduce a complete ban on burning coal on its territory. At Monday’s (September 27th) session of the Myślenice City Council, the councillors, by a majority vote, passed a resolution to send a resolution to the Marshal of Małopolskie Voivodship, concerning a ban on installing and operating coal and coal-based fuel systems in the city, excluding Chełm sołectwo. Now it is up to the board of the Małopolska Voivodeship to pass these resolutions for public consultation.