Summary of LIFE Małopolska – August

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Main Events

  • In August, all comments submitted as part of the consultation on the Air Protection Programme for the Małopolska Region were considered. The draft programme was adopted by the Board of the Małopolska Region.
  • Since August, a pilot application for industrial pollution has been conducted. It is carried out in the Skawina commune.
  • From 16 to 23 August, another 3rd edition of the Krakow Green Film Festival was held. It is an international festival of films on environmental issues.
  • The eco-managers distributed a total of almost 7,000 information and educational materials and provided almost 8,000 advice to the residents of Małopolska.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the eco-managers’ activities within the LIFE project was limited. The full range of tasks was difficult to carry out, due to remote work and limitations in accepting stakeholders and organising events.

C.1. Eco-managers

Advice and help for residents

In August, the Ecomanagers employed under the LIFE programme provided advisory assistance to the residents of Małopolska:

  • 2355 people accepted in the office,
  • 4136 by telephone,
  • 352 in writing or by e-mail,
  • 338 during visits.

There were 82 inspections of residents for waste incineration. In 7 cases, violation of regulations was found.

Questionnaires from residents and applications for funding

The Ecomanagers were involved in collecting questionnaires from residents and processing applications for funding.

In August 2020:

  • 132 questionnaires from residents interested in receiving funding were collected,
  • 198 applications of residents or entities for funding were considered,
  • 151 agreements were signed with residents or entities for funding and 154 such agreements were settled.

The Ecomanagers have entered or updated data on 836 buildings in the heating base.

C.2 Centre of Competence

List of low-emission heating devices

The list of low-emission solid-fuel heating appliances meeting eco-design requirements, available at, includes a total of 345 boilers and space heaters.

The “Eco-intervention” application

In August, 180 applications were accepted. The application is available on the website

It can be specified:

  • 119 reports on air pollution,
  • 62 illegal waste disposal
  • 16 other applications.

The info line operated by the Competence Center of the Marshal’s Office has answered over 180 telephone calls.

E.2 Local air protection information and education activities

Educational materials on air protection

The ecomanagers in the municipalities:

  • prepared 2274 leaflets and brochures and 11 posters,
  • They distributed 6515 leaflets and brochures and 5 posters,
  • prepared 725 and distributed 266 other educational and promotional materials (promotional materials, leaflets related to the Clean Air Programme).
Meetings and events

Eco-managers organized meetings and events:

  • 6 competitions for children / youth, in which 60 people participated,
  • 2 meetings with residents attended by 150 people,
  • 11 meetings with local leaders (teleconferences with councilors, mayors) with a total of 75 people,
  • 12 other air protection events attended by 577 people.

Eco-managers transferred some of their activity to the Internet. They organized various contests and workshops via social networks.

E.3 Creating networks for the exchange of experience with other projects

Consideration of comments on the Air Protection Programme

In August, all comments received as part of the consultation on the Air Protection Programme for the Małopolska Region were considered. The draft programme was also adopted by the Board of the Małopolska Region. According to the Environmental Protection Law, the aim of the Programme is the improvement of air quality in the shortest possible time. The first reading of the draft Air Protection Program will be held at the next session of the Sejmik of the Małopolska Region.

Pilot application for industrial pollution

Since August, a pilot application for industrial pollution has been running. It is being carried out in the Skawina commune, after earlier identification of interest and potential of other municipalities of the Krakow agglomeration. The aim of the pilot is to check the functionality and usefulness of the Internet platform for monitoring industrial pollution. The experience and recommendations gathered during the pilot will be used by the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region to create a target solution covering all communes and companies operating in the Małopolska.

Krakow Green Film Festival

From 16 to 23 August this year, the Krakow Green Film Festival took place. This event is the only one in Poland and the largest project in Europe that combines ecology, art, education, sport and gastronomy. Screenings of films about ecology – including images nominated for an Oscar, discussions with creators, experts, artists, sportsmen and celebrities, workshops and exhibitions, as well as the opportunity to taste healthy vegetarian food are the attractions that awaited the guests of the Krakow Green Film Festival. There was also a LIFE project stand.

E.4. Promotion of the project implementation

In August, the eco-managers prepared:

  • 11 press articles,
  • 112 articles and posts on the Internet and social media,
  • 6 times they used other media (e.g. wall newspapers and information boards),

and took part in media information related to the project:

  • 2 radio or TV broadcasts.