The effects of the implementation of the Air Quality Plan in 2016

The effects of the activities of the Małopolska Region and local governments in the fight against smog in 2016 have been summarized. The first effects of actions have already achieved:

    • 7300 old boilers, were removed;
    • thermomodernization of 480 buildings, were done.  These facilities are not only cheaper to maintain, but also more environmentally friendly;
    • €160 milion invested in municipalities including €24 milion for old boilers replacement, were invested;
    • 120 new low emission public transport vehicles, were purchased (mostly for Krakow);
    • the municipalities built 77km new bicycle paths , which complements the project of the Malopolska Region – VeloMalopolska. Under the project at the end of 2017 we will have a total of 310 km of cycle routes;
    • the number of inhabitants who use eco-friendly heating methods is also growing. Only in 2016 there were 6800 new gas consumers and 270 new connections to the heating network;
    • municipalities have also been strongly involved in waste incineration controls.  In 2016, 6600 inspections were carried out. In over a thousand control cases, violations were found.

Report summarising the implementation of the Małopolska Air Quality Plan

The fight for clean air is a battle that will take to come for last several years. The Malopolska Provincial Office will support the further exchange of furnaces in Malopolska Region – in the regional operational program, we allocate a total of PLN295 million for this purpose, thanks to which over 26.5 thousand obsolete coal-fired boilers will be replaced.

We also encourage you to view a short summary of the activities of the Małopolska Region in the field of air protection:

Assessment of implementation of the effects of the implementation of the Air Quality Plan was carried out within the implementation of the action D.1. “Monitoring the effects of the implementation of Małopolska Air Quality Plan” of the “Implementation of Air Quality Plan for Małopolska Region – Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere” European Union LIFE integrated project.