Training with European Funds – Funding for municipal and communal guards

On 16 and 25 January this year, free training sessions were held on the possibilities of applying for funding for equipment for municipal/inter-municipal guards under the European Funds for Małopolska 2021-2027. The meetings were organised by the European Funds Information Points and the Department of the Environment.

The training sessions were aimed at introducing participants to the possibility of applying for funding under Action 2.5 of the European Funds for Małopolska 2021-2027 programme, focusing on the financing of equipment for municipal/inter-municipal guards.

The training courses were aimed at local government units. A total of 62 participants attended. Among them were representatives of municipalities and municipal guards.

During both training sessions, information was presented on the scope of support and the conditions for applying for funds, the principles of expenditure eligibility, project assessment criteria, the application registration process in the IGA system, and the principles for preparing a project application. The trainings were conducted by experts from the Local European Funds Information Point in Nowy Sącz and Nowy Targ, as well as the Air Protection Team in the Environmental Department of the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region. attended. Among them were representatives of municipalities and municipal guards.

An important part of the training was a question-and-answer session. During the session, participants who were potential beneficiaries of the project had the opportunity to ask questions about the conditions they had to meet in order to obtain funding. It was also an opportunity to discuss any problems related to applying for subsidies.