Workshop on air pollution in Bratislava

TAIEX Bratislava

DG NEAR of the European Commission and the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic organised multi-country workshop on air pollution from household heating under the EC TAIEX (Technical assistance and Information Exchange) programme on 2 to 3 July 2018 in Bratislava.

The workshop was attended by representatives of 13 Member States (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Germany). The goal of the workshop was to give environmental ministries and authorities the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience on effective measures and good practices aiming at reducing emissions from domestic heating via regulatory approaches, incentives, awareness raising campaigns and other measures.

The event was also an opportunity to present the activities and effects of the LIFE-IP MALOPOLSKA project. Jana Matejovičová from Slovak Hydro-meteorological Institute presented emission inventory and regional air quality modeling prepared as part of LIFE project. Piotr Łyczko from Marshal Office of the Malopolska Region presented Polish experiences and activities in five areas:

  • Achievements and challenges in reducing emissions from domestic heating.
  • Promotion of low emission boilers and stoves.
  • Incentivising the phasing out of high emission boilers and stoves.
  • Changing citizens’ behaviour to reduce emissions from boilers and stoves.
  • Inspections of domestic boilers and stoves.

Improving air quality has a high priority for the Slovak authorities. The workshop was attended by high-ranking representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, but also other institutions: SHMI, The Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia, NGOs, gas suppliers. Bratislava will also host the next European Clean Air Forum in 2019.

Check: Event details on TAIEX website