Forum of Commune Heads, Mayors and Presidents of Malopolska Region

On 25 January Tauron Arena Krakow hosted the first meeting of this year entitled Forum of Commune Heads, Mayors and Presidents of Małopolska Region. The theme of the event focused on current issues related to the functioning of local governments and the new financial perspectives of the European Funds for Małopolska Region.

The main topics of the meeting were energy efficiency improvement, waste management development, social infrastructure and health. The Marshal of the Małopolska Region, Witold Kozłowski, and the Governor of the Małopolska Region, Krzysztof Jan Klęczar, who were present at the forum, took part in discussing these important aspects of the functioning of local authorities.

European Funds for Malopolska Region

At the meeting, the new financial perspective of the European Funds for Małopolska for 2021-2027 was presented. Representatives of the Department of Environment of the Marshal’s Office indicated programmes particularly related to environmental protection. Tomasz Pietrusiak Deputy Director of the Department of Environment discussed the concept of climate-neutral schools. During the meeting, Katarzyna Stadnik, Head of the Air Protection Team, presented current calls for projects implemented under the European Funds for Małopolska, with particular emphasis on activities related to air protection.

Under Measure 2.5 ‘Implementation of the Air Protection Programme’, calls are being made for two programmes.

The first focuses on the provision of equipment for municipal/inter-municipal guards to carry out environmental compliance monitoring. This is an important task, supporting the effective monitoring of environmental legislation at local level.

The second, project focuses on the functioning of eco-advisers in municipalities. During the meeting, the importance of the work carried out by these specialists promoting environmentally friendly attitudes was highlighted. It is the eco-advisers who provide expert assistance to residents on environmental issues, e.g. by supporting them in replacing boilers.

The Forum of Commune Heads, Mayors and Presidents of Małopolska Region, active since 2000, brings together over 173 members who meet regularly to share experiences and seek new solutions for the region’s development. It is an important cooperation forum that plays a key role in shaping the future of Małopolska Region.