Summary of the LIFE project implementation – July


The most important events

In July, in the Malopolska Region:

  • numerous meetings and educational events were organized, attended by nearly 4 000 residents. The largest of them took place in the municipalities of Szczurowa, Chełmiec, Limanowa (city), Słomniki and Bochnia,
  • meetings regarding entry into force of a total ban on the use of solid fuels for heating purposes in Krakow and the Integrated System of Supporting Low Emission Reduction Policies and Programs (ZONE), the implementation of which the Malopolska Region joins in an advisory capacity, were held,
  • 112 inspections were carried out in the field of waste incineration, as a result of which, in 5 cases, violations were recorded.

C.1. Eco-managers

Advice and assistance to residents

In July, Eco-managers employed under the LIFE program provided direct advisory assistance to the inhabitants of Malopolska Region in terms of:

  • 7 232 people admitted to the office,
  • 1 017 during field visits and meetings,
  • 4 730 by phone,
  • 208 in writing or by email.

Surveys from residents and applications for funding

Eco-managers were also involved in collecting surveys from residents and examining applications for funding. In July:

  • 441 surveys from residents interested in using the co-financing were collected,
  • 429 applications of residents or entities for co-financing were examined and
  • 1 706 agreements with residents or entities for co-financing were signed and 316 such agreements were settled.

Heating base

Additionally, Eco-managers introduced or updated data on 6 231 buildings in the heating base.

C.2. Competence Center

Study visits

On 13–14 and 23–25 July, representatives of KAPE participated in study visits to the municipalities of Limanowa, Bochnia, Wolbrom and Zakopane. During meetings with residents, talks were held about the provisions of the anti-smog resolution, subsidy programs and solutions aimed at improving household energy efficiency.

Total ban on the use of solid fuels for heating purposes in Krakow – meeting at the Krakow City Office

On July 26 there was a meeting of representatives of the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region and the City of Krakow. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the process of controlling furnaces after the entry into force of the total ban on the use of solid fuels for heating purposes in Krakow. During the meeting, attempts were also made to diagnose and solve the most problematic issues related to the replacement of non-ecological heating sources in Krakow.

Eco-intervention form

In July, 28 notifications were received via the eco-intervention form, 23 of which concerned waste incineration, and 5 operation of installations (boilers and fireplaces) or fuel combustion – not in accordance with the requirements of the anti-smog resolution.

C.3. Support for the implementation of the ban on the use of solid fuels for heating in Krakow

Employees employed under the LIFE project were also involved in the verification of applications and settlement of subsidies for boiler replacement. In July:

  • conducted 357 pre-execution inspections and 194 as-built inspections,
  • considered 151 applications of residents and prepared documents, thanks to which 154 grant agreements were concluded and 71 such agreements were settled.

E.2. Local information and education activities in the field of air protection

Educational materials on air protection

Eco-managers in municipalities have prepared and distributed educational materials on air protection. In July:

  • they prepared 10 187 leaflets and brochures and 56 posters,
  • they distributed 5 402 leaflets and brochures and 197 posters,
  • they prepared 2,066 and distributed 10,216 other educational materials (mainly books and coloring books for children).

Meetings and events

In July, Eco-managers organized numerous meetings and events:

  • 2 competitions for children, in which nearly 40 people took part,
  • 2 meetings with residents attended by 60 people,
  • 26 meetings with local leaders (managers of MOPS, representatives of Municipal Heat Companies, PGNIG OD, WFOŚiGW, councilors) with a total of 205 people,
  • 16 other events on air protection, attended by 3 576 people (mainly as part of ecological picnics and municipal outdoor events).

E.3. Creating a network of exchange of experiences with other projects

As part of the exchange of experiences with other projects, representatives of the UMWM participated in numerous meetings and events:

An integrated support system for Low Emission Reduction policies and programs

On July 5, 12 and 24, representatives of the Marshal’s Office participated in meetings organized by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Warsaw regarding the ZONE project (Integrated policy support system and Low Emission Reduction programs).

The purpose of the first meeting was to discuss the reporting module, the second to agree on the scope of data in the dictionaries created in the project, while the third to summarize the legislative work of the project.

The meetings were attended by representatives of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology (project leader), the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Investment and Development, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and the Krakow Smog Alert Association. The Malopolska Region joins the project in an advisory capacity.

Prevention and mitigation of climate change

On July 18, at the headquarters of the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region, a meeting was held with representatives of poviat starost offices of the Malopolska Region. During the meeting, the participants discussed the implementation and development of EU policies and regulations in the field of climate change prevention and mitigation.

E.4. Promotion of project implementation

In addition, in July Eco-managers:

  • prepared 17 articles in the press and 60 articles and posts on the Internet and in media communities, and additionally used other media 13 times (e.g. wall newspapers and information boards).

The published information concerned, among others air quality, the anti-smog resolution and actions taken by the municipality in the scope of improving air quality.

A full report containing a summary of the implementation of the LIFE integrated project “Implementation of the Air Quality Program for the Malopolska Region – Malopolska in a healthy atmosphere” is available for download in the attachment below.